Friday, July 20, 2012

A Look Around the Nest, 7/20/12

Listen to "Around the Nest, Volume 10"

Hosted by the Dunedin Blue Jays' Craig Durham and the Lansing Lugnuts' Keaton Gillogly.  

Show Rundown:
  • "What did the Blue Jays give up in RHP Joe Musgrove?" Answered by James Smyth of Bluefield. 
  • "What did the Blue Jays give up in LHP David Rollins and C Carlos Perez?" Answered by Lansing's Jesse Goldberg-Strassler.
  • "What did the Blue Jays give up in RHP Asher Wojciehowski?" Answered by Dunedin's Craig Durham. 
  • Craig's interview with Asher shortly before he was traded to the Astros. 
  • James Smyth discusses Jorge Vega-Rosado.
  • Craig discusses both the D-Jays' strong pitching and the hot bats of Jonathon Jones and Kevin Pillar. 
  • Tom Gauthier talks about the Fisher Cats' recent struggles, Jake Marisnick's production at the plate, the Blue Jays/Astros trade and what’s up next for the Fisher Cats. 
  • Jesse goes over the Lugnuts base thievery and Kevin Patterson's power.
  • Vancouver's ball park atmosphere, manager Clayton McCullough, and a pair of 2012 draft picks that have impressed the Canadians’ broadcaster Andrew Forsyth. 
  • Craig and Jesse swap stories of Clayton McCullough. 

Tune in next week at 5:00 p.m. ET for more Around the Nest. 

It's Late July and the Trade Winds are Blowing, 7/20/12

A fresh new "Around the Nest" is coming up today from 5-6 p.m. Eastern!

We'll speak with Bluefield's James Smyth about Joe Musgrove, Lansing's Keaton Gillogly about David Rollins and Carlos Perez, and Dunedin's Craig Durham about Asher Wojciechowski.

Click here to listen in to the show, starting at 5 p.m.!

Plus more talk from around the system, with your questions via Twitter (use #AroundTheNest) and call-ins (347-308-8302), and the latest news/observations from the broadcasters of the Blue Jays organization.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Summer Heats Up, 7/13/12

Listen to "Around the Nest, Volume 9"

Hosted by the Dunedin Blue Jays' Craig Durham and the Lansing Lugnuts' Jesse Goldberg-Strassler.

This week's advancements - A new logo for the show, courtesy of Craig/Vince in Dunedin; a new website courtesy of Keaton in Lansing; and a new hashtag (#AroundTheNest).

* * *

Show rundown:
  • A quick forum on the Royals' fans booing Robinson Cano in the Home Run Derby.
  • New Hampshire broadcaster Tom Gauthier on the Fisher Cats' performances in the Eastern League All-Star Game.
  • Las Vegas broadcaster Russ Langer on the latest news from the 51s, David Cooper, Yan Gomes, Joel Carreno, and Jamie Moyer.
  • Tom Gauthier rejoins Craig to discuss the Fisher Cats' games against the Portland Sea Dogs and their rehabbing Major Leaguers, the promotion of Aaron Loup, and new starter Matt Wright.
  • Alexis Brudnicki of and Baseball America on the Lugnuts' big three of Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard, and Justin Nicolino approaching the trade deadline.
  • Lansing's Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and Keaton Gillogly on the likelihood that Sanchez, Syndergaard and Nicolino will be promoted to Dunedin.
  • A caller asks about Sean Nolin, with Craig Durham providing the answer.
  • The Vancouver Canadians' Andrew Forsyth on Marcus Stroman, Balbino Fuenmayor, Jorge Flores, Matt Johnson and Ian Kadish.
  • Craig answers a Twitter question about Koby Clemens.
  • Bluefield's James Smyth on the Blue Jays' recent spate of heartbreaking losses, Joe Musgrove, Roberto Osuna, Kevin Comer and Jacob Anderson.
  • Craig wraps up the show with a Dunedin summation.

A Look Around the Nest, 7/6/12

Listen to "Around the Nest, Volume 8"

Hosted by the Lansing Lugnuts' Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and the Dunedin Blue Jays' Craig Durham.

This week's advancements - A brand new name for the show is coined, "Around The Nest," thanks to Craig's genius.  (Lansing's duo of Jesse and Keaton supplied "Jay-Talking.")

* * *

Show rundown:
  • Jesse opens the show, welcoming Bluefield voice James Smyth to talk Blue Jays prospects, Dennis Holmberg, and discover the strongest and fastest players on the Appy League Jays squad.
  • Lansing's Keaton Gillogly on the latest from the Lugnuts, Gustavo Pierre, Chris Hawkins, Kevin Pillar, K.C. Hobson, Kenny Wilson, and the Lugs' prime-time pitching prospects, with a bonus audio clip of a dramatic Pierre two-run double.
  • New Hampshire's Bob Lipman talks Fisher Cats baseball, the promotion of Sam Dyson to Toronto, Brian Van Kirk's four-steal game, and Mark Sobolewski's encouragement of sunscreen use.
  • Durham's Craig Durham enjoys good times for the D-Jays, dramatic victories, and recent call-up Jon Berti.
  • Vancouver's Andrew Forsyth on Javier Avendano, Carlos Ramirez, Ian Parmley, Kellen Sweeney, Marcus Stroman, and the Canadians.
  • Craig and Jesse talk Michael Crouse to close out the show.

Blue Jays Talk, Top to Bottom, 6/29/12

Listen to "Around the Nest, Volume 7"

Hosted by the the Dunedin Blue Jays' Craig Durham and the Lansing Lugnuts' Jesse Goldberg-Strassler.

This week's advancements - The first 60-minute show, the debuts of Toronto's Mike Wilner and Las Vegas's Russ Langer.

* * *

Show rundown:
  • Mike Wilner delivers the state of the Toronto Blue Jays, asks New Hampshire's Tom Gauthier about Chad Jenkins, and gives the word on Jamie Moyer.
  • Russ Langer speaks on the latest news with the Las Vegas 51s, Anthony Gose, and Adeiny Hechavarria.
  • Jesse Goldberg-Strassler balances enthusiasm and patience with Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard, and Justin Nicolino.
  • Tom Gauthier enlightens Russ about Las Vegas native and Fisher Cats starting first baseman Mike McDade.
  • An interview with Double-A pitching prospect John Stilson.
  • Craig Durham joins from Dunedin to talk about the suddenly struggling D-Jays.
  • Keaton Gillogly in Lansing speaks on the Lugnuts' pitching phenoms and their newly-received rotation slots, and on intriguing outfield talents Kevin Pillar and Kenny Wilson.
  • James Smyth enjoys life with the talented Bluefield Blue Jays, particularly the pitching ability of Roberto Osuna and Griffin Murphy.

Let the Roster Shake-Up Begin, 6/22/12

Midseason Report, 6/14/12

Spring Turns to Summer, 6/8/12

Let the Good Times Roll, 6/1/12

Double Time, 30-Minute Spectacular, 5/25/12

Since 15 minutes was clearly not enough, we expanded to 30 minutes in our second week.

Tales From First Place, 5/18/12

The very first show.

Listen to "Around the Nest, Volume 1"

Hosted by the Dunedin Blue Jays' Craig Durham and Nate Kurant and the Lansing Lugnuts' Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and Keaton Gillogly.

This week's advancements - Everything.  Craig called it "Blue Jays 'A' Talk, since our original focus was merely on the Blue Jays' two full-season Class-A teams.  The show was only 15 minutes long, and we were just starting to figure things out.

* * *

Show rundown:
  • Craig opens the show and introduces the participants.
  • Jesse and Keaton talk Lugnuts baseball, K.C. Hobson, the Lugs' recent triple play at Dayton, and Noah Syndergaard.
  • Craig and Nate discuss the D-Jays' recent play, Marcus Knecht, and Jake Marisnick.

Friday, July 13th

Thanks to all those who tuned in, called in and tweeted their questions in on #AroundTheNest today.

For those of you who could not catch the show live, the archived show is available right HERE

Tune in next Friday at 5 p.m. ET for more Jays prospect talk on Around the Nest. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let's go Jay Talking

Welcome to the official site of Around the Nest!

Every Friday at 5:00 p.m. ET, broadcasters throughout the Blue Jays farm system come together to discuss the Jays’ prospects.

The link for today’s show is HERE. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to call into the show at (347) 308-8302 or by using the twitter hashtag #AroundTheNest.

Here is the lineup for this afternoon’s show…

Russ Langer of the Triple-A Las Vegas 51’s.
Tom Gauthier of the Double-A New Hampshire Fisher Cats.
Jesse Goldberg-Strassler and Keaton Gillogly of the Class-A Lansing Lugnuts.
Craig Durham of the Class A-Advanced Dunedin Blue Jays.
Andrew Forsyth of the Short-Season A Vancouver Canadians.
James Smyth of the Rookie League Bluefield Blue Jays.